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AFARI-Restoring Mobility and Confidence

Alexanders is proud to be an AFARI manufacturing partner for Mobility Technologies, a company that believes people with physical challenges deserve equipment that fosters engaged, independent and vibrant living. No one should be sidelined by injury, illness, or age.  Everyone deserves the physical and emotional benefits of living an active life. Throw aside the walker. … Continued

Custom Platforms
Designed | Fabricated | Installed

Custom platforms create a safer and more user-friendly work environment.  Alexanders builds and installs custom platforms in a number of industrial settings.   The process starts with on-site measurements, designing the unit with operator safety and comfort in mind.  The fabricated platforms are built in sections, painted or powder coated, and installed in a minimal … Continued

Heat Pump Blasting Cold Air?

Does your heat pump blast cold air? The owners of a financial firm have a heat pump in their conference room. Throughout the day the heat pump automatically enters various cycles that change the louvers and the direction of the air flow. During some of the cycles, the unit delivers an unwelcome blast of cold … Continued

Trouble Removing Heavy Carts from Elevators

A Maine hospital contacted Alexanders to solve a problem its staff was having with heavy carts that were difficult to remove from the elevators.  The challenge with the carts was both a safety issue and an aggravation for the hospital employees.  The problem occurred when the transport carts for medical instruments were full, making them … Continued

CNC Programmer/Operator – Employment Opportunity

Update: The CNC Programmer/Operator position advertised in September 2016 has been filled. We currently have no other positions to fill, but thank you for your interest in our company.

Replacement Parts for Industrial Equipment

Industrial customers routinely rely on Alexanders’ skilled machinists to produce their replacement parts.  Provide us with a sample, send us your hand sketch, or e-mail us your drawing.  In most cases, we can produce your replacement parts in just a few weeks, reducing costly downtime.

Fabricated Carriage for High-Speed Deburring Machine

Alexanders machined and fabricated a replacement carriage for a high-speed deburring machine. The replacement unit has a custom fit to hold the deburring bucket, and the keyed shaft from our on-site machine shop was fabricated into the unit.  An in-house coat of durable powder coating was the finishing touch before delivery to the customer.

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