Trouble Removing Heavy Carts from Elevators

A Maine hospital contacted Alexanders to solve a problem its staff was having with heavy carts that were difficult to remove from the elevators.  The challenge with the carts was both a safety issue and an aggravation for the hospital employees.  The problem occurred when the transport carts for medical instruments were full, making them very heavy.  The slight difference between the level of the elevator floor and the landing floor was enough to make extracting those heavy carts difficult for the staff.

Alexanders mechanical solution:  A simple custom dolly that securely grips the frame and allows the operator to remove the heavy carts from the elevator with ease.  Alexanders machine shop and fabrication shop manufactured this industrial-strength, lightweight dolly from aluminum and added comfortable rubber hand grips for a secure hold.  The finishing touch was a durable coat of powder coating.  A simple solution that now allows the staff to easily move heavy carts without risk of injury.

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