Renewable Energy Prototype

RivGen is a prototype designed to generate electricity at river sites. Alexanders’ role in the unit began with the complete manufacturing of the chassis base. Once finished, Alexander personnel teamed with Ocean Renewable Power Company’s project manager and electrical engineer to assemble and align the foils and the generator to the chassis. The unit was delivered to Eastport, Maine where it was coupled with a deployment system Alexanders built and installed on a barge for testing in Cobscook Bay.

“In order to complete our first-of-its-kind project, we needed someone flexible who could handle the complex demands that unique prototypes require. Not only did Alexanders meet and surpass our every expectation, but Jimmy and his team brought unique expertise that proved invaluable throughout the design and build phases of the first RivGen™ power system. From start to finish, Alexanders was truly a partner, and their dedication to the entire project was instrumental to its success.”

Ryan Tyler, RivGen™ Project Manager, Ocean Renewable Power Company